Lead Engineer at LaunchPad

As the Lead Engineer at LaunchPad, I've been instrumental in crafting a comprehensive business management software tailored for youth activities. My role extends beyond coding to nurturing a collaborative engineering culture, empowering our team to innovate and excel.

Previous Experience

  • Little Cinema Digital: Built and launched projects for high-end online streaming events, partnering with companies like Amazon, Netflix, and Disney.
  • Siberia.io: Worked with a diverse range of clients, collaborating with product and design teams to build everything from experimental prototypes to fully functioning applications.

An Untraditional Journey

My journey into the tech world was anything but conventional. I started off as a coffee barista, learning the ropes of customer service and the importance of attention to detail. These skills have been invaluable in my tech career, helping me focus on user experience and client satisfaction.

Personal Interests

I enjoy coffee, snowboarding and playing video games. They serve as a great source of inspiration and enhance my ability to tackle challenges.